Films of October 2015

October was a successful month in terms of film viewing. I saw the last film in the Meryl Streep Marathon and started one dedicated to the films of Billy Wilder which I will finish soon. Besides these, this month I turned 24 years old. As I did in the previous years, I shared my favorite films on that day, a post which you can visit here.

I also went to the cinema and caught up with some critically acclaimed new releases like The Lobster, Macbeth, Sicario, The Martian, The Walk and Crimson Peak. I also signed to MUBI this month and caught up with some films using their service like Junun, Beauty and the Beast, Pollock and Funny Face. Hopefully in November I will catch up with some other new releases like Steve Jobs, Spectre, Bridge of Spies, the last installment in the Hunger Games franchise and my most anticipated film of the fall, Todd Haynes’ drama, Carol as well as start my next planned marathon dedicated to Disney animations. (more…)


Films of September 2015

Well, I am quite late with this one. I blame this on that mediocre Meryl Streep film, Music of the Heart. Besides the chore that was sitting through that film, September was quite a good month for me, in terms of films seen as well as my personal and work life. This month I moved to London and started a new job. I am so glad I got all the way here, never crossed my mind that I would be in this position. That’s making me very happy. (more…)

Favorite 50 Films of All Time

As I have been doing for the past two years, on my birthday, I post my favorite films of all time, not what I consider to be the best, but what films I enjoy the most. I cut it down this year to 50, instead of 100, as I think this shows better what I really, really like in terms of cinema, to what really represents my taste in films. I hope you enjoy my list and please share your thoughts on the list and what are your favorites of all time.  (more…)

Songs of the Summer: 2015 Edition

It’s been a while since I posted, I’ve been taking a break from blogging but I can surely say I am back at writing once a month posts. I still live in England and don’t plan on going back home anytime soon. This is my home now.

Since my last post in January I’ve seen many films and TV shows, listened to some of the new albums and even managed to get some reading done. This post is dedicated to the songs that have been in my head all summer. I don’t particularly like this season (good thing I’m not in Romania because I would be boiling there til October), but I enjoy a good tune that screams “summer is here”. Many of the songs found here don’t really belong to that category, but I like to believe that summer can be felt through different tempos and genres. Here is my list of the songs of this summer:


Films of August 2015

This month I got to enjoy some new releases like The Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Diary of a Teenage Girl and Trainwreck and also watched some highly acclaimed films from the last years that I have missed at the time of their release like Mary and Max, Wendy and Lucy and You’ve Got Mail. In terms of TV Viewing, I finished Friday Night Lights and watched the 2 seasons of the odd but funny Bojack Horseman. I also have seen half of the second season of True Detective, which already feels like homework. I will hopefully finish it in this month just to have it done because I can’t watch all of it in one sitting. It’s that good.

In September I hope I’ll catch up with the new Mission Impossible which I haven’t seen yet as well as Me and Earl and The Dying Girl, Everest, Legend, Irrational Man and Ricki and the Flash.

One thing I decided to do, so I become more organized with my movie-watching, because there is a lot of it to be done, is to do movie marathons. I have tons of lists on letterboxd, it’s like I’m addicted to making them but not to the actual movie watching. My first one is a Meryl Streep Movie Marathon. I will make a post of all the films on that list once I finish it. (more…)

Films of July 2015

Hi, there! This post has been in development for a while but I finished it only know. Sorry about that.

During my break from blogging I watched some interesting films, mostly good as I do a pretty good job of staying away from bad ones. Some films, that I caught up during my hiatus, that really made a mark on me are La Jetee, Breaking The Waves, Phoenix, It’s Such A Beautiful Day, The Player, Contempt, 12 Angry Men, Dog Day Afternoon, Brokeback Mountain, A Separation, Trainspotting and, of course, Mad Max: Fury Road.

Now that I’m back I’ll resume writing my monthly recaps where I share what I saw each month. Recently I started reading daily again and will share my reading list as well. But that one is going to be considerably small. 



Hello, person who stumbles by accident on my blog.

Recently I got bored with blogging, haven’t written a review in a while and am just not in the mood of sharing my thoughts. I also feel this blogging thing hasn’t really turned out like I wanted to. I tried to make some online friends but it’s hard to make connections. I also don’t like selling myself, acting like an ad which says BUY ME or in this case VISIT MY BLOG. I actually hate doing that but felt like I had to sometimes. Guess it’s mostly my fault.

Also I just got bored with talking about film and music. I tried to be organized and prepare posts in advance but I’m just not that kind of person. Now that I live in a different country I want to make some changes for myself and for now I feel like I need to let this blog go for a while.

So for now I am putting a stop to blogging. Don’t know when I’ll be coming back. I am not deleting it, worked too many hours to write that content. It would be silly to erase it all.

That’s it for now. Thank you to anyone who visited my blog and took some of their time to say hello and share an idea or two. For those who want to keep in touch they can find me on letterboxd under my name, Cristian Bordea.