Welcome to my new website, The Sound and The Screen. I got bored with Blogger and wanted a change so I decided to switch to WordPress. It looks easier to access and it will make my blog closer to the look I’m going for.

This move was also an excuse to change the name of the blog. I wanted to focus just as much on music as I did on films, so the title had to be replaced to reflect my interest in both subjects.

What I intend with this blog is to continue with film talk, from reviews and recaps to discussions and lists. Also, I will repost some of my reviews from the previous blog as well as some lists, content that I thought was worth keeping. With music, I’d like to share with you all my favorite songs and albums of the year, reviews and lists and have interesting discussions about them.

Another change is the grading system. I will adopt the American one with grades from A+ to F. It’s pretty hard to choose a fixed grade to represent a film and this new way of grading is broader and not as definitive. It will make my job easier and it will offer just an idea of my opinion of a film or album without putting any pressure on it.

I hope you’ll like the new look and what’s to come.





    1. First of all, welcome to my new website. Glad you like the new look.
      Movies and music are two subjects that go hand in hand and I love them both so I had to make the change. It was unfair. And thanks for following this blog too.


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