Touchy Feely (Lynn Shelton, 2013)


After the great Your Sister’s Sister, indie director Lynn Shelton returns with a Touchy Feely which reunites her with Your Sister’s Sister actress Rosemarie DeWitt.
Touchy Feely revolves around the idea of meditation, peace of mind, that there is pain that can be cured through meditation. Skin and touch are main motifs of the film.
This film is not for everyone. Not only because it’s an indie film that addresses to a certain kind of people, but also because it is not a very good film.


Firstly, it is boring. There isn’t a real story.. Besides the whole idea of meditation and how important it is, it doesn’t say something concrete. It’s not a very entertaining film.
I know I don’t fall in the category of people this film is addressed to. I didn’t think it was a bad film, just doesn’t have a real purpose, I simply didn’t get its message, if it ever had one.
The performances were quite good. Rosemarie DeWitt gave another fine performance in a Shelton film. Ellen Page is very good in it too, as always. The rest of the cast was just OK, these two performances stood out the most for me.


There is a nice moment towards the end where everyone seems to find peace and say and do what’s on their mind only for us, the audience, to be smacked at the end with a return to the normal, acting like nothing happened. The ending was weird and out of place Maybe that was the point of it. I don’t know, I didn’t get it.
The cinematography wasn’t as nice as in Your Sister’s Sister but it did have some nice shots of Seattle.
The music was alright. The concert scene was very moving, I liked that one. And the song at the ending by Andrew Bird was very good.

What I got from this film was the idea of touching someone or feeling connected to someone or wanting to interact with that person so badly that your body wishes to do that involuntarily. Touching someone and feeling it is the right thing to do, and that it would hurt you if you don’t do it. But the ending confused and destroyed the whole notion of it. This film is not worth it. Check Your Sister’s Sister, that one is worth seeing if you’re in the mood for a good indie drama.



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