Kick-Ass 2 (Jeff Wadlow, 2013)


This review contains spoilers. So be careful, don’t want to spoil such a good film.

I consider Kick-Ass to be one of the most fun and original action comedies of the last years. It took the superhero universe to a whole other level. Plus, it was an incredibly fun film.
Once I heard that there would be a sequel, I was a bit hesitant towards the idea. Now that I’ve seen the film, I consider it to be an unnecessary one. I am disappointed in this. Besides some over-the-top action scenes with Hit-Girl, which are the main reason that drew me to watch it in the first place, I find Kick-Ass 2 to be a let-down.

So, just to say something a bit about the story, after her dad’s death, Mindy aka Hit-Girl lives with her father’s friend trying to have a normal life, going to high school, being a girl, etc while also confronting with an identity issue, trying to find who she really is.
Meanwhile, Dave aka Kick-Ass sees how much of an inspiration he’s been to other people who became superheroes too. Each of them has a dark and sad back story and want to take justice into their own hands. The son of the villain from the first film, who wanted to be a superhero too and took the identity of Red Mist, Chris, wants to avenge his father’s death. Now he wants to become the villain, called the Motherfucker (very funny name don’t you think?), so he gathers a group of other villains and hires them to help him kill Kick-Ass. That’s about it.


The main reason I watched this was to see Hit-Girl. I think she is both hilarious and a great character. Her scenes are over-the-top, but they’re spectacular and so much fun. Congratulations for Chloe Grace Moretz for what she did with this character. I wonder how she made all those fight scenes. For me, at least, she is the best reason to watch Kick-Ass 2 and the main reason that made me to want to see the first one.
Now talking about Kick-Ass 2, it was too much for me. I hated the Motherfucker character so much. I believe there are villains who you hate because they are badly written and badly acted characters, not appealing in any way and there are perfectly written and brilliantly acted villains, like the Joker from The Dark Knight, for example.
Also, I know Kick-Ass 2 doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it’s not funny. I giggled a few times, but when I laughed it was for the over-the-topness (not a real word) /cringe of it all. They thought they were funny with characters like Mother Russia, a huge tough Russian woman, such a stereotype. The scene where she kills all those cops was so bad and exaggerated, I felt sorry for all the people involved in making it.

I cared for Dave in the first one where it felt like he had a reason to do it all, to break out of his shell, get the girl, to evolve as a person, be stronger. In this film, however, I didn’t really care what would happen to him. His plot starts out normally at the beginning, but by the end of the movie, it becomes a mess. The changes in the character’s story line were very bad. And don’t let me start with the ending.
Now about Hit-Girl. She was given a Mean Girls-like story line that was so different from the movie. You know when you watch a sitcom where there are usually two plots in an episode? There is one that takes over almost the whole episode and then there is that second one, the subplot mainly about one or two at most characters. This is how her story felt like. I got the whole returning-to-normal-life idea, but this was such a cliche. It was tiring and a waste of time.


Also, there were some plot holes. Like when Jim Carrey’s character gets killed, wasn’t their meeting spot supposed to be secret? I don’t think this was ever explained. Also, the disposal of the girlfriend from the first film, for whom he craved for so much. Finished her story line way too easily. And I’m sure there are many more of these.
What I hated about Kick-Ass 2 is the stupidity of the characters and frankly of the world depicted in it. I’ll probably be judged for trying to analyze every single scene in a movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but come on…  The high school girls and the jocks from Mindy’s school. How lazy can a scriptwriter be? The police officers. I laughed and cringed at the scene where the cops are thrown from the explosion squeaky clean with no burns or when another cop asks “Why is there a lawn mower on the trunk?” like it was supposed to be funny. It was like Happy Tree Friends over there.

About the acting… It wasn’t extraordinary. Besides Chloe Grace Moretz who was great as Hit-Girl the others didn’t do much for me. The other interesting performance was the one from Jim Carrey. It was nice seeing him play such a different character. Too bad he had limited screen time. Wish they would have used him more.
In conclusion, Kick-Ass 2 is a disappointment. Weak story, not funny and not as fun as the first one. I don’t recommend seeing it in a theater. Would be a waste of precious money. And I don’t wish a Kick-Ass 3, especially with the way this one ended.



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