Hello, person who stumbles by accident on my blog.

Recently I got bored with blogging, haven’t written a review in a while and am just not in the mood of sharing my thoughts. I also feel this blogging thing hasn’t really turned out like I wanted to. I tried to make some online friends but it’s hard to make connections. I also don’t like selling myself, acting like an ad which says BUY ME or in this case VISIT MY BLOG. I actually hate doing that but felt like I had to sometimes. Guess it’s mostly my fault.

Also I just got bored with talking about film and music. I tried to be organized and prepare posts in advance but I’m just not that kind of person. Now that I live in a different country I want to make some changes for myself and for now I feel like I need to let this blog go for a while.

So for now I am putting a stop to blogging. Don’t know when I’ll be coming back. I am not deleting it, worked too many hours to write that content. It would be silly to erase it all.

That’s it for now. Thank you to anyone who visited my blog and took some of their time to say hello and share an idea or two. For those who want to keep in touch they can find me on letterboxd under my name, Cristian Bordea.




  1. Sorry to see the site go on hiatus, nice talking to you. Commenting is difficult at first, you have to meet people who are loyal, and you have to be loyal to them. Week after week. Month after month. You don’t have to have the same taste, but probably the same interest areas. I put my energy into commenting those places I know will be loyal and comment back on my site.

    You should read my article on commenting 🙂

    See you on letterboxd!


  2. oh, a few more thoughts..might be helpfor for when you make your return from hiatus

    Taking part in meme’s, blogathons, and events is a great way to meet online friends, because others are doing the same thing, and you have something in common to talk about. Trust me, this will attract new readers

    Joining the Large association of movie blogs(LAMB) and twitter is important, as it shows others you are willing to communicate ouside of your own site. Each time I link a blogpost on twitter, it sends traffic to my site


    1. Thank you for the help. I’ll see how I feel about blogging in the following months. It’s the writing itself that I am bored with. That’s the main thing that I have to get back into to make me feel enthusiastic about blogging again. Will take into consideration your thoughts. And thank you for all the support for the past two years since I’ve been blogging. Even if I won’t be writing posts I will still visit and comment on some blogs, yours included.

      Thanks again for everything and take care!


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